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"I can never imagine a world without

 art, DESIGN,
Nature and Animals"

Smrita Jain

With a personality that is independent, mysterious, free-spirited and eccentric, I do not wish to constrain myself to one medium or theme. My work is explorative in nature and I like to maintain that as my part of the structure of my artworks. It ranges from drawings to paintings, silkscreen printing to digital art, from abstract to highly communicative designed forms, from natural elements to graphic typography, from paper origami installations to documentary photography. I love to combine my formal graphic design training with a passion for the arts. I produce work that is fun, accessible, colorful, beautiful, unique, communicative, conceptual and experimental in nature. I love to explore artworks sometimes purely defined by black and white artistry. I also like to investigate merging of colors and use in the creation of 3D abstract forms.